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Upcoming Events Sponsored or Co-sponsored by The Friends

June 1, 2024: (9:00 am) The Friends of the Crystal Falls District Community Library annual meeting at St. Mark's Episcopal Church (809 Crystal Avenue, right next to the Masonic Lodge). The Board will have a short presentation on the current year's activities and lead an open-group discussion of plans for next year. Everyone is welcome.

U.P. Notable Author Zoomchats

June 13, 2024: (6:00 pm) author Rod Sadler discusses Grim Paradise: The Cold Case Search for the Mackinac Island Killer.

July 11, 2024: (6:00 pm) author Gregory M. Lusk discusses The Great Seney Fire: A History of the Walsh Ditch Fire of 1976.

Prior Events

A potpourri of scenes from 15 days of CoVantage Cares (11/28/23 - 12/12/23)

15 Days of CoVantage Cares

15 Days of CoVantage Cares

15 Days of CoVantage Cares

On December 9, 2023 the library sponsored the FIFTH ANNUAL AUTHOR PALOOZA featuring six authors with ties to the U.P. As usual, The Friends provided yummy snacks.

Anne Miller

2023 Author Palooza Anne Miller

Wade Walker

2023 Author Palooza Wade Walker

Janet Rohde

2023 Author Palooza Janet Rohde

Keith Huorani

Author Palooza Keith Huorari

Lynne Lillge

Author Palooza Lynne Lillge

Nikki Mitchell

Author Palooza Nikki Mitchell

October 28, 2023: Halloween Book Bash (Books are sugar free and cause no cavities)

Waiting for the rush

2023 Halloween Book Bash Setting Up

So many choices

2023 Banana Slips in to get a book

Big smiles all around

Bigs smiles all around

Starting them young!

2023 Halloween Book Bash Setting Up

August 26, 2023: The Annual Friends of the Library Book & Bakery Sale.

Thanks to everyone for the great support you provided the Library.

The view down the street before the opening bell

2023 Annual book sale

Ruger Kittleson, Judi Bjork & Dana Kittleson setting up

2023 Annual book sale

Troy Graham providing live entertainment

Troy Graham

Kathy Bartolameolli, Janet Wagner & Browning Kittleson have big smiles with the set up complete

2022 Annual book sale

Bev Wilcox & Joan Kupchynsky ready for the bake sale to start

2023 annual book sale bake sale

Blind Date with a Book. February 11, 2023:

The Friends sponsored the second annual Blind Date with a Book, this year featuring a trivia contest.What the heck is a blind date book? Earlier in the week, The Friends wrapped a bunch of library books and labeled them to let patrons know what kind of book it was. But people had to check out and unwrap it to find out the book's author or title. How fun is that?

Blind date books ready to meet their readers

Wrapped Books

Trivia Prizes

Trivia Prizes

Trivia Quizmaster Evelyn Gathu

Evelyn as Quizmaster

The Grand Prize Winners: Janet Wagner, Mary Ann Keil, Browning Kittleson, and Dana Kittleson

Grand Prize Winners

Prior U.P. Notable Author Zoomchats

May 9, 2024: (6:00 pm) author Jon C. Stott discussed Yooper Ale Trails: Craft Breweries and Brewpubs of Michigan's U.P. .

April 11, 2024: (6:00 pm) author Tyler R. Tichelaar discussed his novel Odin’s Eye: A Marquette Time Travel Novel .

March 14, 2024: (6:00 pm) author Matthew Hellman discussed his horror novel The Biting Cold.

February 8, 2024: (6:00 pm) author Jennifer S. McGraw discussed The Unsolved Mysteries of Father Marquette's Many Graves.

November 9, 2023: (6:00 pm) author Larry Jorgensen discussed the 1926 rescue of the City of Bangor off the Keweenaw Peninsula in his nonfiction account Shipwrecked and Rescued: Cars and Crew: The City of Bangor.

October 26, 2023: (6:00 pm) the Marquette Poets Circle discussed their ten-year anthology Superior Voyage.

September 8, 2023: (6:00 pm) author Ann Dallman discussed her YA novel Cady and the Birchbark Box.

August 10, 2023: (6:00 pm) author Eugene Milhizer discussed his treatise Disecting Anatomy of a Murder.

June 8, 2023: (6:00 pm) author Hilton Everett Moore discussed his six short stories that make up North of Nelson: Stories of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

May 11, 2023: (6:00 pm) author Julian May discussed her children't book The Big Island: A Story of Isle Royale illustrated by John Schoenherr.

April 13, 2023: (6:00 pm) author Dorothy Paad discussed her children's book Dorothy is Moving Mountains illustrated by Matthew Forgrave.

March 9, 2023: (6:00 pm) author Phyllis Michael Wong discussed her nonfiction account of the Gossard Girls, women who sewed corsets and bras at factories in Ishpeming and Gwinn. We Kept Our Towns Growing: The Gossard Girls of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

January 12, 2023: (6:00 pm) author Sharon Kennedy discussed her connected short stories The Sideroad Kids: Tales from Chippewa County.

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